Donate to the ReStore

At the end of the day, we can all give a little something to the ReStore. Look around your next renovation project and you will see lots of items that could be donated. From entire kitchens to a set of door hinges.


Three Easy Ways to Donate to ReStore:

  1. Drop Off: You can deliver your acceptable items directly to one of the locations.
  2. Pick-Up: Our team of volunteers will arrange to pickup your donation from your house.
  3. Salvage: Our salvage crew will dismantle and remove the item from your home.


To arrange a donation:

For faster service, fill out the online form (if you have photos): donate_produt


Call us: 416-755-7353 x230 (Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm)

Our team will determine if your item is for drop off,  pick up, or appraisal.  If required, we will come to assess the donation and provide you with an estimate value of your donation.  We will then schedule a pick-up or salvage date that works with your project timing. See our acceptable item list to determine if your item can be donated to the ReStore.

On the scheduled date, our team will arrive to remove the item(s).  Once we have your donated items in the ReStores, you will be mailed out a donation receipt for the assessed value of the item(s).


Your donation makes a difference:

When you��donate products or home building materials to a ReStore or even shop at a ReStore to furnish or renovate a room, you may not know it, but your action has a profound impact in helping Habitat for Humanity Toronto achieve their mission. Habitat Toronto builds and sells simple, decent, affordable homes for working families living in need at a rate they can afford.

Your support through a ReStore allows Habitat Toronto to use 100% of cash donations toward physically building homes.

"I found Habitat Toronto is a very friendly organization for low income families. No interest, no down payment, training for home ownership, the best thing is you can own a house even if you are on a low income.

We thank God and thank the staff of Habitat for Humanity Toronto who give us this opportunity. It's our dream; it's the goal of our life."